Brad Rochfort


About Brad

South African born, I grew up on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal, famous for its numerous point breaks and high quality beach breaks where I first learned to surf from the age of 10. I was 16 when i shaped my first board, out of a board I had snapped at Warner Beach, my local spot. The re-shape was only 4 feet long and ended up as a display piece in my local surf shop. Many years later and Cornwall is my home where I enjoy life with my wife, my dogs and friends.


About Rochfort Surfboards

High quality, custom-made surfboards are what we are known for. Nothing is rushed, and every board is hand shaped and finished with particular attention to detail. Its your board, made exactly how you want it, only better.
'...some of the best looking boards on the market.' - Wavelength Magazine
'Beautiful in and out of the water! One of my prized possessions & something I'm proud to show off.' - Paul Green Lead singer, The Arusha Accord
'...board is bloody good, in fact, its actually amazing.' - Ben O'Hara, Surf Maroc
'That Rips!' - Steve Caballero, pro skateboarder