Shorter and wider and bloody good fun! Super skatey and loose in small to medium size waves and perfect for getting tricky. Landing airs is made easier thanks to the wider template, but with added ‘vee’ in the tail you’ll turn it on a dime. Inspired by Al Merrick’s Dumpster Diver model, but slightly tweeked. Order 3-4 inches shorter than your regular board.
All our boards are made with polyurethane foam from US Blanks in California or Home Blown blanks in Cornwall, and all with a choice of FCS fin systems. Standard boards are glassed with a 4oz base and 2 x 4oz deck, which gives a perfect strength to weight ratio. Finished with a Speedkote lacquer, which seals the glass making it watertight. However, we can customize this to your specific requirements, and also include carbon fibre rail bands and/or resin tints on request.
High quality, custom-made surfboards are what we are known for. Nothing is rushed, and every board is hand shaped and finished with particular attention to detail. Its your board, made exactly how you want it, only better.

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